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Saint Clement Parish

Madison Diocese



3 Minute Retreat

4Kids.org link

This website offers 40 short, educational videos about everything from eyeballs to poison dart frogs. It has many math games. Play Alien Addition or Drag Race Division. Enjoy the numerous language arts games such as Verb Viper, Capital Penguin, or Coconut Vowels. It also has links to Cool Spots. Explore Creature Features or he Reading Room. This site is filled with academic treats!

Starfall link

Learn the ABCs at this website. Explore the vowel sounds with stories like Zac the Rat or Soap Boat. Go on a word hunt or have fun with tongue twisters. Read folk tales, Greek myths and Chinese fables. Have fun with the Gingerbread Man. Learn about calendars. Grow a flower or build a snowman. Find out about Earth Day.

coolmath link

Enjoy math and thinking games at this website. Try the B-Cubed game and see if you can advance to level 30. How many different solutions can you find? Learn how to spell and locate states and their capitals in the games, State the State and Venture: Capital. Start with the easy level and then try the pro. Try the Brain Benders. These are animated logic puzzles. Bridge Crossing is a challenge.

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