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• The first time that the school question was discussed by members of Saint Clement Parish was February 24, 1889.

• All who were present were in favor of establishing a Catholic school.

• The school opened on September 2, 1889.

• Two sisters of Saint Francis, from Saint Joseph's Convent in Milwaukee, taught in the school.

• The enrollment was 33.

• The first school was the chapel in the basement of the church but this was too small, too dark, and unhealthy.

• Another meeting was called on October 6, 1889 to discuss building a new school house.

• The blessing of the new school took place on February 12, 1890 with a Solemn High Mass in the morning.

• In 1934, a high school was opened but due to lack of space, it was discontinued in 1940.

• A new school was built in 1955 and the Hot Lunch Program was begun.

• Six more classrooms were added in 1962.

• In 1978, the Sisters of Saint Francis of Assisi joined the School Sisters of Saint Francis to work in the school.

• In 1979, the first Instructional Materials Center (IMC) was opened.

• The first computer was donated to the school in 1981.

• The school was hooked up to the Internet for the first time in 1997.

• The first school website was designed in 1999.

• In 2005, the first kindergarten was started.

• In 2011, the first 4K Program was begun.


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